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f(by) 2020 – OFFLINE доклады

22 февраля, 13:00
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Избранные доклады https://fby.dev/ четыре часа с перерывом на чай.

Программа мероприятия

22 Февраля 2020
  • 13:00


  • 13:20 ≈ 35 мин

    Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin (Imran Settuba)

    Type-proofs are powered by Arrow Meta - a meta-programming library and functional companion to the Kotlin Compiler and IDE. Type-proofs open the door to the Kotlin typesystem and establish a trust relationship with the Kotlin compiler where users can define functions between 2 types.

  • 14:00 ≈ 40 мин

    How to grasp functors and monads and don't even notice it (Henadz Varantsou)

    Main abstractions from category theory, such as functors and monads, are mentioned and used quite often for writing programs in fuctional style. Nevertheless most of the guides and articles explain concepts of functor and monads purely from practical point of view, showing only which methods must be implemented and which laws these implementations must obey but missing the part where all of this come from. This might cause troubles with reading and understanding code which relies on these concepts heavily. In this talk I'm going to explain what is the essense of functor and monad from the category theory point of view and what is the profit of using them in functional programming (Scala code examples included).

  • 15:00 ≈ 40 мин

    LaTeX DSL for Kotlin (Vitaly Khudobakhshov)

    In this talk I'd like to explore this very balanced Kotlin feature set with ultimate goal in my mind: to embed LaTeX-like DSL into Kotlin. I will dwell on Kotlin's pros and cons with respecting to this particular task.

  • 15:00 ≈ 40 мин

    Dysfunctional programming with F# (Roman Liman)

    People often confuse F# for Haskell on .NET platform. When they find out it's not quite that, they try to upgrade F#. This talk is about what happens on those occasions and how it plays out in production.

  • 16:00 ≈ 50 мин

    Dependent types: is this the future we want for our programming languages? (Vitaly Bragilevsky)

    Dependent typing has been buzzing around in the functional programming community for a couple of decades. While it provides much more control over our programs and extends the expressivity of type systems to much higher levels, it makes programming much more brain consuming. In most cases, it is quite difficult to persuade the compiler that we are doing the right thing and get our program compiled. In this talk, Vitaly will give many examples of dependent typing in several languages and explain why he's not as excited as a bunch of dependent typing advocates.

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